Trademark Watching EU

After your trademark has been filed, it is highly recommended to subscribe to a watching service. In this way you or your client are timely aware of any younger conflicting marks. Landmark offers trademark watching with legal opinion. We only send you relevant trademark applications, with a short advice regarding the best action to take, including a cost estimate.

Trademark watching in the European Union is important, since EUIPO and most national IP Offices of the Member States do not have examination on relative grounds (similar third party prior trademarks). The only way in becoming aware of similar trademark applications is by watching your trademark in the EUTM Register and the registers of the Member States.


Landmark offers a special watching service called EU-SmartWatch:

  • Against a moderate fee, only € 250 for the first class and € 75 for every following class. 
  • You only receive watching notices of relevant trademark applications, not many irrelevant trademarks, which saves you much time. 

You receive an advice about the best action to take and if possible a cost estimate.

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